U.S. Retail Apps Report

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The Retail Apps Report provides insight into the quality of mobile apps offered by the top 25 U.S. mCommerce retailers.

Using publicly available data on the U.S. iTunes Store and Google Play, we compiled customer feedback, average ratings, and which platforms are targeted by retailers. This research drives a series of recommendations for where retailers should focus when launching a mobile app.

  • Learn about the state of mCommerce including the new shopper decision journey
  • Gain insights into the top 25 U.S. retail apps with customer feedback on performance, features and design
  • Understand the key success features in developing a top mCommerce app
Apps today play a vital role in creating rich, personalized or in-store customer experiences. We are beginning to see that effective mobile retail solutions boost business and strengthen a retailer’s brand, while retailers with less effective mobile strategies are putting both their business and brands at risk.

Amar Varma, GM of Mobile
Pivotal Labs

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