UK Banking Apps Report

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Consumer Reviews of the top U.K. banks' mobile apps

Pivotal Labs conducted an in-depth examination of the iOS and Android apps of the top banks in the UK to see if these institutions were in fact meeting the expectations of customers when it comes to mobile banking. The report includes analysis of the findings and solutions to address the top customer complaints for banks to improve their mobile offering. Highlights from the report include:

  • Average ratings, including highest and lowest rated, for all versions of each app
  • The top issues found across both platforms, as indicated by users
  • Areas requiring improvement and tactics retailers can use
The banking industry is one where many customers expect a great mobile experience, and banks certainly have the financial means to invest in a superior mobile offering. With our report, you'll learn how to optimize your mobile offering to keep your customers happy.

JB Steadman, Office Director,
Pivotal Labs London

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