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Pivotal Tracker is an award-winning, collaborative, lightweight agile project management tool.



philosophie is a consultancy that works with businesses, brands, and users to craft software that powers awesome digital experiences. The company has developed web applications, interactives, and social games for clients as varied as DressNotes, the US Army, Amplify LA, and Nintendo. Though philosophie offers a range of services to clients, they are committed to agile development at the core, deploying small and dedicated teams to provide more transparency and flexibility to clients. With its focus on agile development methodologies, philosophie found that Pivotal Tracker was the best fit for its lean and rapid workflow.

“We went with Pivotal Tracker because it was the easiest tool to integrate into our agile workflow,” says Managing Partner Skot Carruth. “We routinely experiment with alternative ways to improve our velocity and enjoyment at work; the usual conclusion is the while a lot of other products look good in theory, Pivotal Tracker simply works the best.”

Pivotal Tracker’s focus on agile methodologies makes it the go-to project management solution for the consultancy. “Prior to Pivotal Tracker we used spreadsheets and other project management software,” says Carruth. The consultancy found that other tools lacked dedicated tools for tracking stories, level of collaboration, and the velocity of projects, limiting their effectiveness and productivity.

“When we haven’t used Tracker, implementation details tend to slip through the cracks or remain inside of a single person’s head,” says Carruth. “Tracker provides the transparency everyone needs to know how long something’s going to take.” As an agile digital consultancy, philosophie has found that Pivotal Tracker offers its teams the same transparency and flexibility that it delivers to clients.

“While a lot of other products look good in theory, Pivotal Tracker simply works the best.”
- Skot Carruth, Managing Partner, philosophie


HowAboutWe is a social dating service built to help people fall and stay in love by connecting users who propose date ideas. The dating site, which launched nationally in December 2010, quickly grew in size and had to ramp up quickly. HowAboutWe recognized that agile software development practices would allow it to better serve users at scale, and that it required project management software that would reflect and encourage those agile development practices.

“We chose Pivotal Tracker because as our development team grew, we wanted to use agile software development practices and Tracker was built for those practices,” says Ruti Wajnberg, Director of Product, HowAboutWe. “We were using another tool but it wasn’t built for agile development. We moved our current work into Tracker and began using it to store future work as well.”

As a startup with a compelling and new approach to an already-competitive space, Tracker has complimented the HowAboutWe team’s need to rapidly deliver new features and iterate on existing ones. “Pivotal Tracker mapped well to our team’s processes,” says Wajnberg. Embracing agile development at an early stage enabled them to easily adopt the Tracker way, and set a standard for developer methodologies.

“As our development team grew,
we wanted to use agile software development practices and Tracker
was built for those.”
- Ruti Wajnberg, Director of Product, HowAboutWe

YES! Magazine

Though Pivotal Tracker and agile development methodologies are most prevalent within startups and forward-looking tech companies, they also offer many advantages to the writers, editors, and developers within the digital newsroom. YES! Magazine, a web and print publication that reframes the biggest problems of our time in terms of their solutions, found that Pivotal Tracker best fit their team’s editorial and development workflow.

Pivotal Tracker’s approach, based on agile development methodologies, manifested in the re-envisioning of the publication’s email newsletter system. Despite some initial pushback from colleagues unfamiliar with agile methodologies, Online Marketing Manager Derek Hoshiko recognized that project management within publishing shared many challenges with software development projects. The intuitive interface and collaborative advantages that Tracker provides helped Hoshiko make the case to the rest of the team.

Hoshiko found that the learning curve was easier than other project management software available, and that agile methodologies presented demonstrable improvements in productivity. “Being able to assign a story to a team member, and then later re-assign makes hand-offs seamless,” Hoshiko says. “It is great to be able to see the forest through the trees with the backlog, while being able to zoom in on a single story, all without the burden of several clicks or views. Some tools don’t even offer a view of the forest.”

“Pivotal Tracker is absolutely the most powerful project management and collaboration tool I’ve seen.”
- Derek Hoshiko, Online Marketing Manager, YES! Magazine

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