May Events

May Events

Wednesday May 1
Javascript Meetup
At this stackup, hear lead developers share their latest dev achievements in JavaScript. Get an inside look into how New York City startups develop their dev strategy. This is a developers only event.

Monday May 6
Cassandra Meetup
For this event we are going to have between two and five speakers from the recent cassandra events do mini recaps of their presentations in a lightning-talk style. Essentially if you missed the nyc-tech day and you can not make it to the Cassandra summit (see below), you can go to this meeting and get a snapshot of some of the presentations.

Monday May 13

CTO School
A group of NYC Startup CTOs, VP of Engineering, Tech Leads, and technologists who would like to become leaders.

Tuesday May 14
NYC.rb Presentation Night
Founded in 2004, NYC.rb is the place for experienced Ruby and Rails programmers in New York City.

Wednesday May 15
Node.js Meetup
Code Review – We’re going to get down into the code and look at what people are doing, why and how they could improve it in their node.js applications

Monday May 20
Agile Design Experience Meetup

Title: Agile Experience Design Meetup: Collaborating across Roles and Disciplines

When teams integrate Agile and UX practices, the borders between designing and making become increasingly blurry.  Siloed work is replaced by cross-disciplinary collaboration. For our next Meetup, three pairs of designers and developers will offer their perspectives on collaborating across roles and disciplines.  How is it better than traditional collaboration?  What are some pitfalls to be mindful of?  Is it the right choice for your team?  After their talks, we’ll open up the floor for a panel-style Q&A.


Tuesday May 21
SASS Meetup
NYC meetup for SASS enthusiasts and professionals.

Wednesday May 22
NY Haskell Users Meetup
The NY Haskell Users Group is for all programmers either interested in or experienced with the Haskell programming language.

Thursday May 23
Ember Meetup
This meetup is focused on learning and applying Ember.js to ambitious web apps.

Tuesday May 28 NYC.rb Hackfest

Bring your laptop or just yourself, and come hang with other Rubyists.


Thursday May 30
This is a group for anyone interested in anything D3.js related. All skill levels are welcome. This group was started so that members could meet and learn from each other as well to help foster the D3.js related community in NYC. Events will cover things like drinks, lectures, show-and-tell’s, instructional meetups, etc.