June Events

Wednesday June 5
Web GL Meetup
Introduction to Sketchfab: Service to Share 3D Models
Presentation of Sketchfab, a web service to publish, share and embed interactive 3D models. Demo of the service, its capabilities, and general overview of what is happening in the background.


Monday June 10
CTO School
A group of NYC Startup CTOs, VP of Engineering, Tech Leads, and technologists who would like to become leaders.


Tuesday June 11
NYC.rb Presentation Night
Founded in 2004, NYC.rb is the place for experienced Ruby and Rails programmers in New York City.


Monday June 17
Agile Design Experience Meetup
The UX of Minimum Viable Products

For our next Meetup, we’ll revisit the topic of Minimum Viable Products.  How is UX design impacted when taking an MVP approach to product design?  What are some effective strategies we can draw on when designing MVPs?  And what might an MVP look like in contexts other than a startup, such as for enterprise software?


Tuesday June 18
SASS Meetup
NYC meetup for SASS enthusiasts and professionals.


Wednesday June 19
Node.js Meetup
Thanks to the brilliant work of Ryan Dahl, we have node.js, a beautiful and elegant server-side framework built on top of Google’s V8 Javascript engine. This opens up a whole new world of possibility for developing web apps, APIs, and lightweight HTTP servers.


Thursday June 20
Ember Meetup
The Promise Land, with Domenic Denicola and Stefan Penner
“The Promise Land”, with Stefan Penner and Domenic Denicola” will be a pair of back-to-back talks. First, Domenic will introduce us to the power of the Promises pattern in Javascript, and then Stefan will explore the usages of promises in Ember and Ember apps.


Monday June 24
This is a group for anyone interested in anything D3.js related. All skill levels are welcome. This group was started so that members could meet and learn from each other as well to help foster the D3.js related community in NYC. Events will cover things like drinks, lectures, show-and-tell’s, instructional meetups, etc


Tuesday June 25
NYC.rb Hackfest
Founded in 2004, NYC.rb is the place for experienced Ruby and Rails programmers in New York City.


Wednesday June 26
NY Haskell Users Meetup
The NY Haskell Users Group is for all programmers either interested in or experienced with the Haskell programming language.

Thursday June 27
Hackers NYC Demo Day
Journalists! Designers! Developers! You’re invited to show off your journalism and journalism+technology-related projects for the Summer 2013 Hacks/Hackers NYC Demo Day!

Demo Day features 5-minute lightning talks by you, our Hacks/Hackers members. Each talk will be followed by 5 minutes of Q&A from attendees. It’s a fast-paced, fun and eye-opening evening, and you should apply to present using this form: http://j.mp/18yMIAj


NYC PyLadies
PyLadies Demo/Project Night
This is a casual environment for PyLadies of all levels to demo what they are working on. NO PROJECT IS TOO SMALL. If you don’t have a project, come to work through some tutorials or get help starting a project.