Boulder Start Up Week & Ruby Meetup

Pivotal Labs hosts dinner and talks with Boulder Ruby Meetup and
Boulder Startup Week

Attendance is limited to 80 people. 
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Guest Speakers:
Franklin Webber
I’ve Always Wanted to Make Games
“The reason that I sat down in front of a computer was to play games. I stayed in my chair long after the games were finished because I wanted to create my own. It was not until recently that I created my first game and it has changed my creative life. I want share with you my personal story, the myriad available resource, and exciting problems you solve when you try and create a game.”

Anna Fowles-Winkler
Managing Ruby with RVM and rbenv
Why do you need to manage Ruby and what do RVM and rbenv offer? Let’s look at what RVM and rbenv have to offer, and discuss the pros and cons of both methods of managing your ruby versions.