Driving Retail Conversions Using Mobile

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As a retailer, you may be curious about how you can use mobile to your advantage. While there are various ways to add to your bottom line, mobile devices can be specifically used to drive conversion rates.

A mobile retail app should return direct results by driving retail conversions. To make the most of their mobile investment, retailers should consider implementing specific functionality that will earn a return on this investment. There are three key strategies retailers can use to drive new revenue from mobile.

  • Real-time data - Learn about consumer behavior provides retailers with more actionable data than ever before
  • Push notifications - Gain insights into how mobile apps with targeted messaging can help retailers increase the average transaction size
  • Internal app development - Understand how an optimal enterprise app should empower in-store employees to deliver superior customer service
Although most retailers understand the importance of mobile and have started investigating ways to engage their customers, many have not used the channel to its full potential. This disruption provides significant opportunities for retailers to drive conversions, but it requires a strategic approach that differs greatly from industry norms. This report gives insight into what that approach should be.

Megan Wheeler, Communications Manager
Pivotal Labs

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