Portico is a new, private membership service created so friends and family can vacation together in luxurious villas, resorts and homes around the world. We developed a website that feels like a holiday.


Portico, by Exclusive Resorts, makes luxury vacation services more widely accessible through an elite online experience. Pivotal helped Portico recruit a solid development team, translate business goals into software priorities, develop a sleek but complex web application and create a high-end website in three months. “On the back end it’s super technical, a lot of great stuff happening,” says Adam Oliver, Product Manager, Portico. “On the front end, we’ve heard a lot of people say it’s one of the best looking sites that they’ve seen.”

After successfully meeting the launch deadline, the company extended its engagement with Pivotal to expand the capabilities of the site and the services available to club members, creating a client web experience as high-end as the vacation itself.

“Pivotal doesn’t just interact with the website, they understand the business value of the functions and enhancements we’re asking for, so they can help us develop better or more efficient ways to do things.”
Adam Oliver, Product Manager, Portico

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Through a collaborative development process, Pivotal built a membership-based reservation and booking system linked to a variety of business systems on the back end, with an extremely polished user interface up front. We created the web application simultaneous to training Portico’s two new hires, who left the engagement with a deep understanding of the code base they were taking in house.

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