InvolveCare lets family and friends create a private social network to organize caregiving activities, share in elder care or childcare and support loved ones in need.


When InvolveCare hit a wall they couldn’t break through, the company turned to Pivotal Labs for help expanding their skill set and moving the project to completion. “We knew Pivotal Labs’ reputation, and came in to close the expertise gap,” says David S. Williams, InvolveCare Co-founder.

InvolveCare is a new social caregiving application, which helps make it easy for caregivers to get others involved in caregiving activities for aging parents or special needs children. Caregivers can organize and record doctors’ appointments and other activities, request help with things like rides, tasks, and errands from family and friends who want to help, and even involve remote family members who typically have difficulty contributing from afar.

The InvolveCare app request engine is designed to make it easy to privately and discretely ask family and close friends for help, and for the network to provide it. It keeps the caregiving group apprised of tasks to be done and other ways to pitch in, and it uses multiple media for real-time check-ins, progress reports and displays of appreciation.  The result is reduced stress for everyone and better care for those in need.

“We were able to do two things with Pivotal Labs – first, create social tools including commenting, audio recording and pictures for every single interaction that occurs in the app, and second, add contextual follow-up events based on prior user interactions,” Williams explains. “That’s hard to do, but Pivotal Labs made it look easy.”

“With agile development, you know what you have to do to be successful, and when it’s successful it’s incredibly fast.”
David S. Williams, InvolveCare Co-founder

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InvolveCare was committed to agile development and knew it would move the project forward fast. A crucial aspect of the process for this engagement was focusing development on concrete details and specific achievable outcomes. We pinpointed the inputs and executed quickly. We scaled the agile process efficiently and brought the product from scope to MVP within two months. The iOS app on the market today performs identically for iPhone, iPad and web. The website is also optimized for viewing on the Android platform. Getting all these devices to communicate could have posed problems, but our test-based approach ensured each one was talking not only to our servers but to each other as well. And because we were pair programming, everyone on the team got to work across the different platforms rather than coding exclusively for one. InvolveCare is currently in open beta at www.involvecare.com or through download of the iPhone and iPad apps in the iTunes App Store.

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