Gnip delivers more than 100 billion real time social data activities each month, providing access to data from dozens of sources, including Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and more.


GNIP is the world’s largest provider of social media data, serving customers in a range of industries from social media monitoring and business intelligence to finance and government. Fresh from securing their first round of funding, Gnip came to Pivotal for help creating a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that would let businesses stop worrying about how to collect social data and focus instead on how to best put it to use. We built the inaugural version quickly so Gnip could get the product to market at a critical moment of growth.

Gnip has since exploded, capturing the business of 90% of the Fortune 500 and eight of the nine largest social media monitoring firms. CEO Jud Valeski cites Pivotal as a huge factor in their success. “Pivotal built the first version of software that has defined Gnip and positioned us to dominate the commercial public social data ecosystem worldwide,” he says. “Pivotal helped launch our software platform and define our development practices.”

“I bought the Pivotal way hook line and sinker after about a month, from test-driven development to agile software construction to Pivotal Tracker. It changed my view of the way to build software—definitely a change for the better.”
Jud Valeski, CEO, Gnip

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We built an application programming interface (API) for Gnip that integrates with social service public data generators such as Facebook and Twitter, gathers content for the company’s customers, cleans it up and delivers it. Gnip quickly adopted our agile practices which, along with Pivotal Tracker, remain central to their development program.

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