Frequently Asked Questions

  • “What drives me: learning new things, perfecting my craft, working with smart and amazing people, and helping my clients succeed.”

    —Ian, Engineering Manager

  • “Pairing and the regular schedule are key — I get useful things done at work every day, while having time for the rest of my life outside the office.”

    —Sarah, Software Developer

  • “Everyday, I am surrounded by smart people who all want to do the right thing.”

    —Davis, Engineering Manager

  • “As soon as you walk into a Pivotal office, you’ll feel the energy in the air. The sound of over 100 people collaborating and the open floor plan creates a vibe you won’t feel at any typical work place.”

    —Ryan, Engineering Manager

  • “Pivots aren’t lone wolves in dark cube farms with our heads down and headphones on. We crave the social interaction with each other and our clients.”

    —Will, Engineering Manager

What’s special about working at Pivotal?

Our Pivots respect each other. Our offices are open and social places, and it’s easy to engage and collaborate. We also believe it’s a great place to work, why not check out our lifestyle? We have a results oriented culture of software craftsmanship, design excellence and quality product management. We expect all of our Pivots to consistently deliver, and to spend time learning to improving their skills.

What are the hiring criteria?

We focus on aptitude, cultural fit, and empathy. We like you to have a solid interest in languages, tools, frameworks and/or concepts relevant to your position; we also like to know how you think, talk, and listen about code, design or product management. Our Pivots also help frame good decisions about which direction to take a project.

What is the interview process like?

We do a lot of pair programming and naturally it’s an integral part of our recruitment process. Our senior Pivots will initially conduct a phone screen and/or a language neutral interview as the starting point. We then conduct additional interviews where you will pair with our Pivots on live projects, and actually get your hands on some codebase. As a designer, we’re going to want to see your portfolio and understand your design perspective in relation to contemporary technology. You wouldn’t cast an actor without an audition; we don’t hire Pivots without getting to know each other.

What technologies do Pivots use?

As developers, we generally like to work across Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, iOS & Android. Our designers typically use Adobe CS5: Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, and In Design. We choose to work in languages that are TDD-friendly and that deliver excellent results.

Can I work at any Pivotal location?

We’re growing and have multiple offices across the United States, Canada and in London. We often offer our Pivots the opportunity to work away from home base, and we encourage collaboration across all locations.