• “What drives me: learning new things, perfecting my craft, working with smart and amazing people, and helping my clients succeed.”

    —Ian, Engineering Manager

  • “Pairing and the regular schedule are key — I get useful things done at work every day, while having time for the rest of my life outside the office.”

    —Sarah, Software Developer

  • “Everyday, I am surrounded by smart people who all want to do the right thing.”

    —Davis, Engineering Manager

  • “As soon as you walk into a Pivotal office, you’ll feel the energy in the air. The sound of over 100 people collaborating and the open floor plan creates a vibe you won’t feel at any typical work place.”

    —Ryan, Engineering Manager

  • “Pivots aren’t lone wolves in dark cube farms with our heads down and headphones on. We crave the social interaction with each other and our clients.”

    —Will, Engineering Manager

Benefits at a Glance

At Pivotal Labs, you receive world-class benefits aimed at helping you and your family maintain a healthy lifestyle, achieve a work-life balance, manage your finances, plan for retirement, and live a less stressful life. We offer a choice of group health plans based on your geographic location that enable you to select the best plan to meet your family’s needs. In addition to our medical, dental and vision plans, other benefits include 401K plans, employee stock purchase plans, commuter benefits for offsetting the costs of public transportation, cash reimbursement for outside health club/health equipment/sports expenses, and more.

Employee Time Off

Pivotal Labs offers a flexible employee time-off policy, which includes vacation, holiday and personal/sick time.

Special Benefit Programs

As a Pivotal Labs employee, we offer you a wide range of programs to help ease the stress in your life and cope with unexpected situations that may arise:

Tuition Assistance Program
Get reimbursed for 100% of tuition and certain related expenses up to $5,250 per year for approved undergraduate courses and up to $10,000 for approved graduate courses.

Domestic Partner Program
Join our benefit program for qualifying domestic partners if you are a Pivotal Labs employee working at least 30 hours per week. Subject to insurance carrier limitations, the policy covers both same sex and opposite sex domestic partners residing in the United States who maintain a committed relationship and occupy the same residence.

Adoption Assistance Program
Get reimbursed to a maximum of $4,000 plus medical expenses up to $1,000 for each child adopted, with a lifetime maximum of $10,000.

Long-Term Care Insurance Program
Gain coverage for custodial care, which includes services that assist a person with the activities of daily living. You and your spouses/domestic partners, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, and grandparents-in-law are eligible. You will be offered guaranteed acceptance if enrolled within 90 days of your hire date, while family members need to provide evidence of insurability.

Group Legal Plan
Get in-office representation for most legal situations through a large network of attorneys. This program also includes financial planning and tax advice services.

Personal Voluntary Plans
Cancer, accident, and/or hospital confinement policies are available from AFLAC to you and your dependents within 90 days of your hire date or during Open Enrollment.

About Pivotal Labs

Pivotal Labs is part of Pivotal, a new company providing application and data infrastructure, agile development services, and data science consulting. Our mission is to help customers analyze, build, deploy, and scale at an unprecedented velocity as they solve some of the world’s most challenging problems, pursue the greatest opportunities, and serve their customers in the context of who they are, where they are, and what they need in the moment.