Be a Pivot

  • “What drives me: learning new things, perfecting my craft, working with smart and amazing people, and helping my clients succeed.”

    —Ian, Engineering Manager

  • “Pairing and the regular schedule are key — I get useful things done at work every day, while having time for the rest of my life outside the office.”

    —Sarah, Software Developer

  • “Everyday, I am surrounded by smart people who all want to do the right thing.”

    —Davis, Engineering Manager

  • “As soon as you walk into a Pivotal office, you’ll feel the energy in the air. The sound of over 100 people collaborating and the open floor plan creates a vibe you won’t feel at any typical work place.”

    —Ryan, Engineering Manager

  • “Pivots aren’t lone wolves in dark cube farms with our heads down and headphones on. We crave the social interaction with each other and our clients.”

    —Will, Engineering Manager


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