Automation Testing on Mobile

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A Primer on the Pivotal Labs Way of Testing Mobile Apps

When we use the term “automation testing” in the mobile industry, we are talking about a testing process that uses pre-built scripts that are run by software against a mobile app to test that it operates as desired. Through our automation testing process, we have produced the following core benefits and features:

  • Results are reported automatically with verbose log files saved
  • User Interface automation tests and unit tests can be run on 28+ devices at a time
  • Automation helps to efficiently test for regressions and perform smoke tests
Despite the lack of industry standards for automated testing on mobile, there are many tools that are available. Pivotal Labs has consolidated these tools into a customized solution that has the ability to execute to the standards required for our mobile application testing.  Our automation is robust and effective, proving to be an excellent augmentation to our existing QA process.

Dan Lee, QA Specialist
Pivotal Labs

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