A New Prescription for Mobile Health

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Understanding and overcoming the barriers to
widespread mHealth adoption

There are multiple barriers to widespread mobile health (mHealth) adoption. This paper discusses those that present the greatest challenge to healthcare organizations, due to their broad scope and the number of stakeholders involved to address them. This paper will teach you how to:

  • Align with your strategy and identify the key business drivers for mHealth adoption
  • Assess your mobile readiness
  • Partner with other mobile-ready healthcare organizations
  • Simplify your mHealth Journey
"Successful mHealth adoption requires a shift in how organizations think about health IT. While some may not require separate mHealth strategies, a successful deployment of mHealth requires organizations to assess their readiness to adopt mHealth in a structured way. This whitepaper provides effective solutions for how healthcare providers can overcome common barriers to implementing mHealth within their own organization."

Megan Wheeler, Communications Manager
Pivotal Labs

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